Audio Technica LP60bk USB- Is it the best turntable to buy for cheap?



The Audio Technica AT-LP60K USB  comes in at a very modest price with a good deal of very useful and practical features! If you are looking for an inexpensive entry back into playing vinyl- the Audio Technica-LP60BK USB would be a good place to start. A great list of features for this under $150.00 price point turntable.  It comes with everything you need to plug and play into a home stereo system as well as connectivity to a home computer. All cords included, as well as CD of software.

I know it may be tempting to go for a cutesy looking old school style (cough cough!-Crosley briefcase model with speakers) turntable but, most assuredly, it will not give the years of service that the LP60bk USB will deliver. Remember the sound you get is really about the weakest link! Although this is a somewhat base model in the Audio Technica line-This is a very good budget record player.

Here is a very short video that will go over assembly and setup procedures.


Audio Technica LP60bk USB


    • Has a built-in pre-amp which can also be switched off. Many turntables require some type of preamp before sending the signal to your home stereo-without a preamp the signal is very low and cannot be amplified correctly. So this is nice that it has a preamp built in- saving $30-$50 for a decent preamp! Or if your receiver already has input for turntable it will not need an external preamp- in which case it can be turned off on the AT-LP60BK.
    • Also features a USB port which is handy for archiving vinyl records to your computer -both PC and Mac via iTunes etc. Also, the USB can be used to connect directly to a soundbar, or powered speakers.
    • a CD with “Audacity” is included with LP60BK – it is a free software program that allows a user to record music into the computer- and even modify EQ, Pitch of the record and a lot more. Kinda Cool and it’s free!
    • Fully Automatic Belt-drive Turntable- which fully automatic means the tone arm places itself on the record and returns automatically-which I like personally- who needs to scratch up their album manually- but of course it is a personal choice- to each his own. Belt-drive turntable means the motor uses a belt to turn the platter the record sits on-as opposed to a direct drive turntable.
    • Some very basic assembly is required. Fortunately -Audio Technica has produced a video on the Amazon sales page -to walk the user step by step thru the minimal assembly required- One doesn’t need a degree in engineering to successfully assemble this baby!
    • Features integrated Audio-Technical Dual Magnet phono cartridge with a replaceable diamond stylus- if you are picky about what needle you use- replace it!
    •  runs at 33/13 as well as 45 rpm speeds- Plays 7″ and 12″ vinyl only.


  •  The At-LP60BK does not feature a counterweight for tonearm and some user reviews say the needle can go through vinyl quicker than higher end turntables. This seems to be about the only downside and not disappointing or surprising for this price range turntable.
  • Plays 7″ and 12″ vinyl only.
  • No built-in speakers- which will force you to use inputs to a home stereo system or powered speakers which of course will, most likely, sound better.
  • no built-in speakers-which may be a consideration for some – although built-in speakers are not usually a benchmark for a quality turntable.
  • tonearm tracking pressure is a little on the heavy side of things.


Here is a nice review of the LP60 you might want to check out!

This turntable is remarkably inexpensive and yet packed with features. So again. if this is your first foray into playing vinyl and price is a concern the Audio Technica LP60bk USB is a pretty safe bet for you.  I know from years ago working in music equipment sales- Audio Technical was and is still a trusted brand and this would certainly be a great choice for the average or casual vinyl user. User reviews show overwhelming satisfaction with this nominally priced turntable. Again it may not be the retro look you are going for however you will be purchasing a quality product that should last you for years to come.

The LP60BK is not considered an audiophile quality turntable by any stretch however it does have a good overall track record and if you buy from Audio Technica and have issues- I know this company stands behind their product with great customer service support.


  1. George,

    Thank you for the review of the Audio Technica turntable.  I was very worried when vinyl seemed to go the way of the dinosaurs, but I still had a working turntable.  It does not have the USB cable to allow me to record my albums to my computer.  I have some music that exists no where else!

    External speakers are not a concern for a good turntable as you would connect it through your component system and you can get a good set of speakers separately.  

    It is really good that vinyl is back and better than ever!



    1. Author

      Thx for your comment- yeah no worries- vinyl is coming back strong!- and the USB is definitely handy for backing up and archiving existing vinyl collection to a home computer!

  2. I’ve always stated I look for steals when I’m shopping and one of my criteria is finding the best possible product for the best price. What really jumped out at me was the very basic assembly regarding this product. Definitely a Pro because for me personally, assembly is my weak suit. For those who are concerned with pricing, this is an epic consolation; it’s a steal. 

    1. Author

      Thx Todd for your comment!- Yeah for someone just wanting to play some records they have still laying around or for someone getting back into vinyl or for the first time- This LP60BK is a guaranteed good performer with a super low price point to get started back up! 

  3. Hello there, thanks for sharing this your review about Audio Technica LP60bk USB,  I must commend your efforts in coming up with this research on cheap turntables to be use. Am so amazed when reading the features of this turntable and most especially the affordable price of nothing less than $150 they are selling it, despite all the great feature it’s having. 

  4. Thank for sharing this great review about this Audio Technica LP60bk.

    Recently I was going through my boxes on my garage and I found my vinyl collection from many years of collecting my favorite music, and I was talking to my wife that we should buy a vinyl player, so we can start enjoying our vinyl disc again. and when I saw your article about this vinyl player, perfect time and very affordable for me.

    This Audio Technica LP60bk Will brings us back the great memories and I can wait to get me one.

    Thank you 

    1. Author

      Thx for posting! TheAudio Technica LP60bk USB would be a great purchase for someone exactly in your position that wants to play their records again without breaking the bank- Let me know how it works out!

  5. Hey George. Enjoyed reading your post and review on the Audio Technica LP60bk USB turntable. Your review was very detailed and as you say vinyl is back! I’ve had a lot of vinyl in storage because I moved a lot with different career opportunities, but my mother passed away a few years back and I inherited most everything. I got her old vinyl collection with some like; Nat King Cole (1951), Elvis Presley, and I have a number of Beattles albums. But great review.

    1. Author

      Maybe its time to get a modern turntable! Thx for the reply

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