My Story

Hello, My Name is George Martin- And No -no relation to Sir George Martin of The Beatles- unfortunately.

I am a musician though- began the study of piano at age 5- classical upbringing. Later in my teens- child of the 70’s- got in my first band at about age 14. Smoke On The Water had just been released and Deep Purple was the first concert experience of my life- we looked at the tickets at that time to see what act was opening up the show- and I remember saying out loud “Who is ZZ Top?”

Deep Purple 1971
Deep Purple 1971

The Omni in Atlanta Ga had just opened and the stairs were so steep that if you tripped on the top stairs you wouldn’t stop most likely til you hit the bottom of the arena floor! ZZ-Top came out and blew the roof off! Great light show as well! – then all the lights went down and looked like every seat in the house lit up a Doobie-old school term I know-But we are talking 70’s here. Deep Purple came out- and the audience then brought out fireworks- the show had to be stopped by Deep Purple’s lead singer- Ian Gillan- it was a show to remember for sure.

Getting back to the Vinyl- I remember in Jr High- my friend had a decent turntable- Marantz Receiver and Advent Speakers- he put on a Marshall Tucker Band LP- and the sound was amazing- so Clear- Warm-Great Definition! I was completely taken by how perfectly all the sounds worked together in the mix- a palpable auditory memory (if there is such a thing) for me to this day.

Of course -Over time- Vinyl became a somewhat of a  second runner to the cassette tape- then of course much later the CD- digital was the wave of the future! And to this day- is still evolving-or is it?

Nowadays- people are either pirating music- streaming or buying Mp3’s from iTunes- all in a compressed format that although more manageable on file sizes- is acquired at the cost of fidelity – do people even hear the difference? Over time the general listener has had his hearing dumbed down in exchange for cheap or free music- and really don’t know what they are missing most likely.

Also- I truly miss the days of tearing off the shrink wrap to a newly released LP, to enjoy all the creative work of those that create and design album covers- Photographers- Artists- Models, etc. It was a big part of the allure of buying an LP! It brought the imagination of the music to life- for me.

Fortunately -it looks like there is a rising wave of audiophile listeners that are grooving to the once forgotten medium of vinyl and nuance of the warm true analog fidelity listening experience-Vinyl is once again on the scene!


I hope to help educate and facilitate the rising wave of the Vinyl record newbies and seasoned aficionados alike- I salute you all for taking part and for your above the fray sensibilities.


My Goal is to create a final destination for all things Vinyl- to discuss- educate- and locate best deals on the net!

Thank You for Your Interest and Contributions!

George Martin